Friday, May 4, 2012

Goodbye, Hi

We are starting an adventure.

I guess technically it's already started. We are moving our lives that we established here in Baltimore 3 years ago to a state and city that we know little to nothing about. As exciting as that sounds, it's also pretty terrifying.

Not that I'm in love with Baltimore. Quite the opposite. Me and Bmore are in the phase of our relationship where we are fighting constantly and I'm just trying to keep things civil until I can move my stuff out and not cause too much of a fuss. We were in love at first, but like with many relationships, those little things that I fell in love with are now the things that drive me the most to want to scream.

So we are moving to Richmond, VA. We put down a deposit and G signed his life away to medical school. As of now, I will be jobless. I had my first interview yesterday and it was awkward and not like I wanted it to go in my head at all. We know no one there. We are leaving everyone we know. The good thing is that I am falling in love with Richmond and am ready to move. I just hope that things pick up.

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