Monday, June 4, 2012


I ended up having to go down to Richmond 2x in the same week to get 3 interviews under my belt. I liked all of the positions, but one above the others. The scary thing is that none of them really fit into what I do now. One was very focused on utilization management and getting people discharged so that the hospital can maximize profits. Not my style. One was a brand new position and the people hiring didn't really seem to know what they wanted the social worker to do. The third seemed very interesting and way more close to what my professional goals are. I'd be in the ED and working with patients who are using the ED as their PCP. I'd be redirecting them to other resources and helping them get follow-up appointments, etc.Way more my style.

I ended up getting offers from 2 of them the same week. I'm currently in negotiations with the one that I liked the most and might start the second week of July! I'm excited, but nervous because I love my current team so much. Plus they're always complaining about the ED, so I hope I like working in that environment. And it's a Catholic hospital, so I hope I don't have any issues with that. Moving is really starting to come together now! This is real!

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