Monday, July 6, 2015

3 Years Later

I have not updated this in 3 years. I'm not sure what happened. When I started this, we had just moved from Baltimore where we had been living for 3 years and I was ready to get out and start anew.

Oddly enough, we are approaching a similar crossroads with different feelings. We have been in Richmond for 3 years. During this time we have gotten married, I have worked in the same job that I love (most days), I have fallen deeply in love with Richmond. We have been lucky to make friends here and put down roots. G has finished 3 years of med school; the difficult years. He wants to do residency in internal medicine... is it clear where I'm going with this?

Yes, 3 years later we are back in the same position. Where will we be this time next year? Will we stay in Richmond or will G get a residency position somewhere else? We have mixed feelings. We both love Richmond and staying here would be so much easier than moving, starting new lives, finding a neighborhood we like, establishing new roots... The thing is, it's only up to us a little bit. And what if he finds a program that he likes more? G will start applying to programs in September. He'll interview in the winter and hopefully I can go with him to the cities we do not know. Then in March, we'll find out. March is when we find out our fate.

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